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Jingeri families,

Another beautiful Wednesday with our friends. Finley, Max, Tai, Cameron, Emmett, Indi and Jackson together for a day of languishing in the warm summer haze.

We are thoroughly taking advantage of our new outdoor space, being able to move freely indoors and outdoors to enjoy water play with the balls and sand play with the trucks. It is safe to say that all of the children loved the water and it was soaked clothes all around, but well worth it. The hot humid fresh air was the most wonderful counterbalance to our cool calm room, and gave us the opportunity to transition from the different environments easily.

Jackson led the way with independent play, continuing to test his skills on the push-cow and all of the tables and chairs, and Finley is right there with him. They have even managed to find new ways to climb. Max is settling in excellently, as he grows more accustomed to his new friends. Tai is obviously feeling more comfortable with us all now, as he charged around the space using all the different toys, and engaging Emmett in various games. They get on really well and find many things interesting together. Cameron had a great day too, becoming more confident to explore the space around him. Indi is also developing amazing balance and co-ordination, as she tries anything new and exciting.

I look forward to tomorrow.