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Hello all the families

Welcome to babies two for another beautiful day. It has been a wonderful day with our little friends. We spent our morning in the babies tree yard with Miss Hansani, Miss Kate and Miss Jena. Children had so much fun with their friends from the other rooms. Elliana and Finley were very interested on push cow in the yard. Elliana loved to push the push cow fast all around. And she enjoyed ridding it by herself too. Finely was busy with pushing the push cows and playing around the obstacle courses. Jackson also joined with us latter. And then we played in the sand pit together. The used shovels to dig holes and trucks to fill the sand.

After playing outside, we came to our room and had some delicious food. Then we read some books and sang some songs with Miss Hansani. We continued some Easter crafts today with Jackson and he really enjoyed making Easter crown.

We had a little picnic outside for lunch with Miss Jordan today as the weather was so good. After big lunch, we did some drawing outside on a coloured scratch paper. Finley, Elliana and Jackson loved it as the can see different colours when they scratch the paper.

It has been a beautiful Wednesday..

Looking forward for tomorrow…

Love Miss.Hansani