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This morning children shared conversationson on the swing and in the playground. Races on the obstacle course and then on bikes and scooters, incorporating role play experiences of families.  I played

We looked in the garden to water the plants turn the compost and check on our worm farm. Indoors we were thrilled to see how our corrot tops are growing in water. Indoors the children checked on our snails taking turn to give them water fun play and pats.

Xavier made a town with dominos and orbz which he called danger town. The good guys got rid of the badies.

Wynter Harper and Tia developed their fine motor muscle development with clay and putty. “Feels like slime but it’s putty” said Tia.

A group game of silent ball, group talks about mother’s day next week, followed by limbo to transition to school.

this afternoon construction of dominoes for towers and cities was very popular. Logan and Taylah created pictures on the rubber board bands, colouring in and drawing hearts rainbows and character ice cream cones had children focusing with a sense of agency. A game of snap had Charlie and Kiarnni played a game of snap. Bobby used recycled boxes to make armour.

group games of  tiggy and running races outdoors.

Thanks for reading the OSHS post.

🌺🐌🦋🥰❤️ Miss Lea