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Happy Monday Families and Friends 🙂

Very warm welcome to our Senior Kind friends – In own team today we have Millicent, Lochlan, Ryan, Luna – own old friend
Bjoan – that is very welcome to came you back –  and a big welcome to own new friend Myla.

We started our beautiful and sunny day with a big play in the playground area. Our friends had so much fun in the sand pit, a little water play- watering the garden – and riding the bikes all the way along the yard. After all this play time our friends got hungry and we decided to come inside for a little relax time and morning tea. After the morning tea time our little friends could not wait to explore our room and learning environments with curiosity, confidence, and independence.

In our group time today, we choose to keep engage about insects, following on from what Miss Lessa has been talking about with the children. Miss Gabi set up a board with different species of little plastic bugs and insects in a circle the children set around  looking the insects and asking about the bug`s type, size, color  – it was a fantastic way to encourage children to develop their descriptive language skills.

Extending this learning experience we decide to create little caterpillars on top the green leaves – In this activity Miss Gabi cut out green paper in a leave shape and than the kids were invited to glue little pom poms a long the leave to make the little caterpillar. There’s numerous opportunities when creating a collage for children to develop their Fine Motor Skills, working the tiny muscles in their fingers and hands that are needed for important tasks. Picking up small objects such as pom poms and manipulate a  pencil brush with glue and set it on the paper require their Fine Motor Skills. And also, collages are really fuel creativity and imagination, as they can be anything. We created everything. 🙂 – Well done friends – They showed all the confidence and engagement to learn in this craft activity.
Continue in the experience – we resolved to go outside and explored the environment using your special magnifying glasses to search new bugs and insects in the yard – we looked around in all the three and leaves. The children really are blossoming into becoming great little learners and explorers. 🙂

The children also explore and engage in this morning imaginative play inside – with home corner, building with blocks, cars , reading books – and much more.

This afternoon we are planning to adventure around their room before they headed outside for a lovely play in the nice and cold breeze.

Check out the photos

With Love xx

Miss Gabi