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Happy Friday everyone, we hope you are having a great day just as we are in the Kindergarten today.

This morning after we had finished exploring and engaging in the outdoor environment we came inside to have our yummy morning tea. Once we had filled out tummies, Miss Emma encouraged us to find our names on our sign in table and placing them into our “I’m here” basket. The children did so well at finding their names with minimal support. We then moved onto the mat to begin our group learning.

At group time today we continued exploring our feelings, firstly revisiting what we thought a feeling was, before moving onto our focus feeling of the day which was what makes you feel happy. It was great to hear the children confidently sharing their thoughts on what makes them feel happy. The children’s responses will be displayed on our wall for you to have a read through. Also at group time today we continued on with our name recognition where the children were encouraged to find their name and then go and place it on a locker which they wish to be there’s. From now on it would be great if each morning you could encourage your child to find the locker with their name on it to place their belongings and also if you have time if you could support them to find there name and place it in the I’m here basket.

After group time we then moved of into our morning activities where the children had the opportunity to continuing exploring emotions as they were encouraged to use their creativity to create a picture about what makes them happy. As the children created their pictures Miss Emma encouraged the children to use their descriptive language to describe and tell her about what they were creating. This also provided the opportunity for the children to share their ideas with their peers.

The children also had the opportunity to express their creativity and imagination as they created Echidnas using the story “The Echidna and the shade tree” for inspiration. Once again this experience provided the children with the opportunity to engage with language to talk about and describe what they were making as well as furthering strengthening their fine motor skills as they manipulated the clay. The children did such an amazing job all their Echidnas look great.

As a conclusion of our NAIDOC week celebrations the children had the opportunity to work together to make Damper. Here the children had the opportunity to explore and engage with numeracy as they took turns at measuring each of the ingredients and  identifying the numbers that were in the recipe. Today Miss Emma created the recipe so that the children were able to read the recipe through using pictures to show the measurements and ingredients. This was great for the children to explore literacy in a meaningful way as well as being able to use their early literacy skills. This afternoon the children will have the opportunity to try some of this.

Before lunch the children also ventured back outside to explore a variety of obstacles. Miss Emma encouraged the children to crawl, and  jump as they climbed up the climbing wall Kangaroo jumped to the slides and also as they crawled up the hill and crab walked down. This was a great opportunity for the children to use their locomotor and gross motor skills as well as encouraging the children to persevere with difficulty and have the willingness to try something new.

We are all looking forward to a fun afternoon together.

We hope you all have a great weekend.