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Greetings to friends and families of the Kindy 1 classroom. It has been a busy and relaxing Friday with lots happening so let us share with you what we have done today.

In the morning we were in the Kindy 2 yard enjoying some outdoor reading, balancing on the beams, creating new ideas with the rope ladder and lots of digging and exploring in the gardens and around the fences.

As we came indoors we had lots of planned activities including:

  • Lego counting – each child got a bowl of lego to count how many of each coloured pieces there was using a table and tally marks, if they got close to the correct amounts they got a golden sticker!
  • Braveheart Ditto Keepsafe show revision – completing a poster where the children had to circle private part areas on the outline(lips, chest, bottom and between their legs) and discuss things that make them feel safe and unsafe and strategies for keeping safe
  • Classroom refresh – helping to move shelves, sweep, wipe shelves and rotate resources in the classroom
  • Miss Jeni’s funky feet dancing lesson – getting our groove on, practicing a routine and getting confident to move in front of our peers in different ways

Some spontaneous activities included making cubby houses with tables, chairs sheets and even using Miss Leas giant teepee style tent. These are great opportunities for children to practice social and emotional skills by managing their own needs and the needs of others as well as verbal language skills and confidence to resolve conflicts when they arise.

We also counted the money raised from the “R U OK?” day yesterday. The children sorted the money into different coin categories and counted how many of each coin there was. We added them up for a grand total of $116.60! Well done everyone.

In the afternoon we will have another mini music session as well as our sports session which is focusing on BALANCE today!

Thanks for reading our blog. See you next week!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess