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Happy Friday Riversdale families and friends!

Welcome to todays blog where we learned, played, shared and commemorated ANZAC day!

Firstly, we all joined for our morning group time. We welcomed one another and discussed and completed today’s daily calendar. We spoke on the topic of ANZAC day and why it is significant. We introduced the meaning of this day so that the children were ready for our special Senior building ceremony later on.

During group time, we also got to be the audience of our friend Willow as she brought her special ukulele to show us for her turn with the share bag. We all made sure to give Willow our full attention and raise our hand if we had any questions to ask her. Thank you Willow for sharing 🙂

After some refreshing morning tea, Kindergarten prepared, along with the rest of our senior building friends, to join for our ANZAC ceremony. We had our poppy’s ready for us to each plant into the sandpit in commemoration of the ANZAC. We read a story called ‘ANZAC Ted’ that enhanced the story of a teddy bear who was injured through war and his journey to came back home safely. We also had a minute silence and listened/sung along to the Australian and New Zealand national anthems. This was a beautiful little service lead by Miss Emma and we are very proud of all our little friends for their cooperation. We hope that the children develop an appreciation for the peace we have now in our country, the sacrifice people had to make to keep us safe and also gain a sense of identity and pride for their country. Lest we forget.

Kindy class then went into the treehouse for a quick sports and movement session with Mr Andrew! As we have been lucky enough to receive some new sports equipment like our frisbees, we thought it would be a fun experience to practice learning how to throw a frisbee. The children learnt persistence and listening skills as they took on the information to try and learn a new and difficult skill. As well as played target games and even tried to pass/throw/catch it to each other. There were even some fun movement and partner work games 🙂

After that we got our weekly visit from Miss Jen for our Funky Feet Dance lesson! It was the perfect way to let loose, get enthused and excited to use our whole bodies and dance to some funky songs! Dance class is always a blast!

We then came back into the classroom to fill our bellies up with lunch and have a big drink of water, followed by quiet/rest time.

We have had a fantastic Friday and such a positive end to our week! We hope you all enjoy your weekend and we are looking forward to what the new week has in store for Kindergarten 1! Until then….

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana