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Happy Friday Riversdale family and friends!

On this rainy day, we started our morning combined with our Kindy 2 friends exploring their classroom environment. We then transitioned into our classroom and sat on the mat for our morning group time. We welcomed one another and sang some of our favorite songs. We then helped Miss Tatyana complete the daily calendar and played a little clock game to wash hands and enjoy some morning tea.

After packing away our tables and plates, we started our classroom activities. Continuing on from this weeks focus on number and letter recognition, we participated in the clock matching activity and the name scramble activity. We had a sheet of paper with analog clocks and digit clocks. Our job was to try and match the two together and even draw and write down our own. This was perfect for practice and learning of time telling and the concept of digital and analog clocks. The name scramble activity allowed the children to build their fine-motor skills, critical thinking and build phonic and letter recognition skills. We were asked to identify each letter, cut out and glue the letters in order to spell out our names. We did an awesome job!

As we each explored our favorite areas in the classroom and enjoyed playing with our friends, Kindergarten got a visit from Miss Jen for their weekly Funky Feet lesson. We got to get grooving and active in our treehouse and listened to instructions well to have a Fun little dance party! We love Funky Feet Fridays 🙂

Following on from that, we all got to engage in a quick sports and movement session with Mr Andrew. Today we focused on jumping games. Each child had their own hoop to stand in and had to copy the teacher’s movements like jumping left, right, forwards or backwards. We attempted to extend the activity’s difficultly by making the children do the opposite to the teacher. This game was great for developing gross motor skills to jump in different directions and also to learn special awareness and different directions. We had lots of fun!

It was then time for us all to use our self-help and independence skills to prepare for rest and lunch time, ready for the remainder of the day.

We have had an awesome end to our week and we look forward to what the new week and month of May has in store for Kindergarten 1 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana