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Welcome back to Riversdale for another week of fun and learning! It’s been a while since we’ve been to Kindergarten on a Monday and it was a lovely start to the week as it is usually a little bit quieter and we has Miss Hailey returning for her weekly yoga session.

In yoga today the children practiced breathing exercises to help them feel better no matter what emotions they are feeling whether that is sad, upset, angry, confused. We also talked about the superpower of “respect” and how it takes real strength to listen to others and respect their personal bubbles.

Another exciting event today was our Aboriginal Cultural Story incursion where we had a presentation that taught us about the history of the culture, some dreamtime stories that the children got to act out with props and lots of singing and dancing with tapping sticks to help understand more about how we are all Australian and all one family.

Outdoors we enjoyed a dodging game where two or three children were the “dodgers” on the blue mat and the others were the “throwers” who had to try and hit them with the bean bags. We practice proper throwing technique and there were some awesome dodging strategies like curling into a ball, jumping around in the air, moving side to side and also standing still. Other fun games included big tower building, playing with our volcano and trying to reach some hanging targets by jumping off ramps.

The children enjoyed their lunch today which was the Italian baked Ziti and afterwards the sleeping/resting children read some stories before bed while others helped clean the classroom by sweeping and wiping tables. During quiet time we made some playdough and explored some number flashcard games while others enjoyed some free choice activities from the shelves.

Thanks for joining us today and we hope you enjoyed reading our blog.

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana