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Hello everyone,

Welcome back to a new week at Riversdale in the Kindergarten 1 room!

We started this beautiful Monday morning with a group time with Miss Tatyana. We welcomed one another and shared some of the things that we enjoyed during our weekend. We then completed our daily calendar and spoke about any special occasions. We discovered that today is International Day of Human Space Flight! We discussed what it is all about and read a story that helped us better understand.

After having our morning tea, Kindergarten class began their classroom activities. Today we got involved in making our very own paper rockets! We colored in our rockets the way we liked it, cut it out and stuck it on a rolled up piece of paper and put it through a straw. Attaching them to the paper straw launchers allowed the children to blow out of it and launch them. This was great for our fine motor skills and we all got so excited launching our own paper rockets! We will try and have a competition to see who can launch the furthest, hopefully it prompts discussions about real space flight and how it works 🙂

The children also enjoyed exploring the classroom and engaging in some of their favorite activities and games. Today we loved playing number bingo followed by some alphabet bingo! We all gave it a go and some of us came out as lucky winners; good job friends!

Kindergarten also got to join for another volcanic eruption following on from last week. Since we were focused on volcanoes in our science corner, we thought it might be good to do another little experiment with baking soda, food coloring and vinegar as our lava. Science experiments are always fun for us and it was great to see more of their knowledge and understanding on the topic.

We then went outside for a quick sports and movement session. Today we played some tagging games. This helped develop our gross motor skills like running and dodging, as well as help develop our problem solving skills to try and get targets and evade others. It even assisted in teamwork to help others in “stuck in the mud”, dealing with winning, losing and playing fair. We had lots of fun!

It was then time for us to fill up our bellies with lunch followed by some quiet time.

Thank you friends for a marvelous Monday and we hope you have all had a great start to your week 🙂

NOTE: We are going to start our Home Reading Program in the upcoming weeks so we need families to purchase a small folder that they can put the books and worksheets in to take home. This is optional but is a very powerful way to get your child to understand letters, printed words and their meaning, as well as how to think critically about what’s going on in a story (look up the 3S reading strategy or the Abecedarian approach to conversational reading) Thank you.

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana