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Hello Riversdale families and friends,

Welcome to a new week here in the Kindergarten 1 classroom 🙂

Today we started our day with a morning group time sharing about our weekends, completing our daily calendar and read a special Aboriginal Dreamtime story. Kindy class also welcomed the lovely Summer as a new member of the class and made sure we all made her feel very comfortable. We were so happy to see the children be inclusive and gentle to one another!

After we enjoyed some fresh morning tea, Kindy class began their activities for the day. We got to be involved in going for a hunt in the yard to collect some eucalyptus leaves. We used them to decorate and paint our names on as part of our family tree we will display in the classroom. Through this we also learnt about how Indigenous families assign an animal or aspect of nature (e.g. sun, stream) to each child when they are born. We will then get family input for what natural animal/feature the children might represent and add it to the other side of their leaf. This will aim to build a sense of belonging, identity, acknowledgement of culture and also letter/word recognition skills by finding their leaf on the tree. We look forward to see how it all turns out!

Today we also got to do a little line drawing activity. We were required to learn and understand different types of lines whether it be curved, diagonal, horizontal etc. It was a great activity for the children to learn positional words and to progress through different stages of line drawing so that they’re able to make more complex shapes and pictures in the future.

As well as engaged in many of our classroom activities, Kindy class continued their interest of our Science topic of marble runs and gravity. This week we will look to extend on the topic and even begin to create our very own course using some cardboard tubes. We can’t wait!

After using our self-help skills and packing away our activities, we all joined for our weekly Yoga lesson with Miss Hailey! We really engaged and calmed our bodies and state of mind. Kindergarten love Yoga 🙂

Soon it was time for us to prepare ourselves for rest time and then made our way outside for a quick sports and movement session with Mr Andrew. Today we focused on playing the copycat game. Each person had to stand in a hoop and the leader had to do different movements that the others must copy (jump forward out of the hoop, run around the hoop, balance on one leg etc.). This game helped develop different gross motor skills, observation skills to copy others, social skills to play together and also build confidence to be a leader during games. We had lots of fun with today’s sports and movement session, well done friends!

We hope you have all had an awesome Monday just like we have and we look forward to what the rest of this week has to offer for Kindergarten 1!

NOTE: This Wednesday Riversdale is having a ‘Wow Wednesday’ in support of the SES volunteers and to help raise money to the SES. If parents/carers would like to dress their child up in anything orange and bring a gold coin donation we would greatly appreciate it.

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana