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Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Kindy and the first day of a new month!

For today’s morning group time, Kindergarten completed the daily calendar and spoke about being the first day of a new month and also a change of season. We then discussed the 4 seasons and how it all works. We learnt a bit more through a story that we read called ‘Seasons Down Under’. This helped us dive a little deeper into the four seasons of the world as well as wet and dry seasons, what they’re all about, how it works and the things that happen during each unique season. It was vey interesting!

After some morning tea, Kindergarten enjoyed some indoor-play with a range of activities. We got to explore a new number block activity, played board games and enjoyed our new Calm Corner that Miss Kylie generously made for us.

After that, we went outside for a quick sport and movement session through a hoops and alphabet game and a play in the yard with our friends. We then came back to the mat for our weekly Yoga class with Miss Hailey. We loved participating in today’s class and was a perfect way to relax our bodies and minds, ready for quiet time.

Following that, Kindergarten class prepared for lunch time and filled their bellies up before quiet/rest time. During this time, some of us enjoyed an arts and craft activity of painting some Autumn leaves as we start this new season and extending on today’s topic.

Thank you Kindergarten class for today, we hope you have all had a great start to your week!

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana.