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Welcome to Book Week here at Riversdale Kindergarten. We have had some fantastic costumes to gaze upon and talk about here in the Kindy 1 classroom and the children are really getting into the spirit of book week.

Mr Andrew was dressed up with his Ladybird and started the day off with his story “What the Ladybird heard” and we have read many more stories throughout the day. This included a wonderful visit from Alice herself who read “Alice in Wonderland” which was accompanied by some fantastic music and sound effects which got the children up dancing and imagining they were really in the story. Moments like this help build an appreciation of the power of books to create huge imagined lands and worlds in our own heads and hopefully a love for books and reading in general. If you haven’t already begun using our Kindergarten library then please feel free to bring along a closeable folder to bring some Kindergarten books home to explore. Reading is such a powerful learning tool and a great moment to build closer connections with others.

We also had our regular yoga incursion with Miss Hailey who got the children to try wobble board yoga today, which required lots of concentration, balance and listening to the instructions. Our yoga sessions are such a great time to get out of our comfort zones and try new things or think about topics we haven’t thought about before.

Afterwards we headed outside for a short play were the children enjoyed some tagging games, hide and seek, water play in the outdoor kitchen and building with the large blocks. During these moments the children are developing so many great social skills to manage conflicts, let others know their needs and wants, build confidence and get creative with new ideas and games.

After lunch we plan to have a sport and movement session focusing on catching games before coming indoors to make our own storybook together as a class. Making storybooks has been a popular group activity and develops children’s ability to think on the spot, be creative and also problem solve to think how to develop the storyline.

Thanks for reading our blog today and we can’t wait to se what other costumes and books are brought in throughout the week.

Mr Andrew, Miss Steph and Miss Maddie