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Hello everyone and welcome to the Kindy 1 blog today. We hope all the Father’s and special people in the children’s lives had a wonderful weekend and sports afternoon on Friday. The children arrived back to Kindy with lots of smiles and stories about their weekends.

After a short play indoors together we headed out to the carpark playground where the children enjoyed tag games, racing down the slides, ball games like catch and tennis and also some tree climbing. At 9.15 we came indoors and had a group time where we:

  • called the roll
  • changed the calendar
  • read a story called “don’t lick this book”
  • transitioned to morning tea with a song

Later in the morning we split into free choice activities while some did some drawing activities with Mr Andrew. The aim of the game was for one person to describe the picture on the card to the other person so they could draw it e.g. “make a circle, draw bumps all around the circle. draw a line down” (which would make a flower). It aimed to build verbal language skills to describe a picture and also listening skills to take on instructions and draw the pictures.

Other popular activities today included:

  • Basketball shooting challenges – walking up the ramp and shooting in the hoop, recording our scores on the board
  • Water play – pouring and imaginary play with sea creatures in the water trough (some children also helped clear out the drain of bark and sand which showed great initiative and teamwork)
  • Playdough making – completely hands on from the children making their own playdough together with only occasional verbal instruction from the teachers

In the afternoon we plan to do some road safety games on the whiteboard and at the tables to build on an interest in traffic at the moment. We will also do some more jumping games as the children have really been enjoying these at the moment.

Thanks for joining us today, have a wonderful afternoon everyone and see you again soon!

Mr Andrew and Miss Denise