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Hello everyone,

Hope you are all having a thriving Thursday!

As we started our day with a morning group time, we read a special story today based on the children’s votes. Reading is one of our most favorite ways to learn in almost every way! During group time, we also sang some songs then transitioned into morning tea time.

As we started our day amongst the classroom environment, Kindy class engaged in a range of their favorite activities. Today we enjoyed practicing to write our home address. Learning this helps build a sense of identity and understanding about the world around them. There is also lots of number and letter recognition during this activity. We will extend more on this in the following week as we will learn more about the postal system and will lead up to taking a trip to the post box down the road to post some letters to our houses.

We then got a visit from Mr Daniel for our weekly ARAKAN lesson. We all participated well in today’s session and loved showing our martial arts skills 🙂 Thank you Mr Daniel.

Kindergarten 1 then got to enjoy some indoor-outdoor play. Today we especially loved being in the outside environment as we walked through our garden. We explored our vegetable/herb garden and cared for it with watering cans. Later this afternoon we will be making a painting experience that relates to nature like painting flowers and other plants inspired by our garden.

We then all joined for a little sports and movement session with Miss Tatyana. We played lots of catching and running games in which required lots of teamwork and coordination. Oh what fun!

By this time, we were all ready to have a big drink of water and to re-energize our bodies with some lunch.

Thank you friends for an awesome day, we will see you all very soon 🙂


Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana