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Welcome to the Thursday blog for the Kindy 1 classroom.

Today has been a lovely bright sunny day and we have enjoyed lots of outdoor play, getting in the sandpit, playing hoop games and other fun group games like the tail chasing game you can see in the blog photos email. The children are thoroughly enjoying our sport and movement sessions and testing their skills with different games. Today we played some other team games including the “Grinch game” and stuck in the mud to practice spatial awareness and dodging skills.

Indoors we continued our stain glass style paintings, with the children practicing using a ruler and painting the different sections we made in the rectangle. Great for imagination, creativity and fine motor skills of the hand. We also played various differnt board games with dice. Learning how to quickly count and recognise different numbers on a dice. Also great for counting and introducing the idea of board games to children in a fun way. One other popular activity was looking through our learning journals and gluing in any pages that needed to be stuck in. The children love doing this job and revisiting their books. These are always available to take home whenever families like. Feel free to ask Mr Andrew or Miss Jess and you can take them home to view and bring back when you are finished.

In the afternoon we plan to quiz the children about their Olympic knowledge and ask what events and sports they might like to watch to see if we can view them at Riversdale or replicate them next week out in the playground. We were busy getting some medals ready to hand out for our mini Olympians next week.

Thanks for reading our blog today. We would like to remind families about our home reader program where children can take books home to read and swap out in our Kindergarten library, be sure to speak to Mr Andrew or Miss Jess if you haven’t been using this library so you can get started exploring the books.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess