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Hello everyone,

Welcome to a thriving Thursday!

We spent out morning happily playing amongst our outdoor yard, settling in with all of our friends. We then came inside for our morning group time as always. We sat with our educators and welcomed one another as we called out the roll. We also did a little show and tell as Willow shared her beautiful flower with the class today, thank you Willow 🙂 Mr Andrew then read us a story called ‘Evonne Goolagong’. The story was about a girl Evonne Goolagong Cawley who had a dream about becoming a professional tennis player. Evonne was only 6 with a dream, and 15 years later Evonne was the first Indigenous Australian to win Wimbledon! The book enhanced the lives of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists. All of them achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream!

After some morning tea, Kindergarten did an activity that followed on from the special story we read today. We sat and discussed what our dreams were and got to freely express ourselves on a sheet of paper that said “When I grow up…”. It was amazing to see what each of us had to say and what we wanted to do or be! This was a special moment for Kindergarten today and we very much enjoyed doing this activity 🙂 Kindergarten, your goals and dreams are always encouraged and supported from your educators as well as your families!!

As the class all enjoyed a free-play inside, we engaged in amongst a number of our classroom activities. We are very lucky to have access to the resources and activities that we do and Kindergarten love to embrace every bit of it! We dived into our fine-motor activities today, as well as lots of puzzles, dominos and drawing!

We also got to join in on a little activity that was all about our food groups! Trying new foods and creating a balanced diet is always encouraged in this class and we love seeing what each of our Kindergarten friend’s opinions and tastes are. In the food pyramid there are 6 food groups: Grain foods, Vegetables, Fruit, Dairy, Meats/Poultry and Sometimes food. Each child got to pick their favorite foods from each food group. As educators, our aim is to consistently allow the children to complete their food plates and discuss the importance of a balanced and healthy diet. Over the next coming weeks, we hope that the children can better understand the guide to healthy eating a bit more and each time have more of a think about their choices and being more open to having a balanced diet. Lets see how we go, but it’s a great way to start 🙂

It was then time for us all to work together to pack away our room and get ourselves ready for lunchtime followed by a quiet rest.

During our afternoon tea, Kindergarten sang a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our lovely Denis! We loved being able to celebrate today with you and hope you enjoyed your day! Thank you Denny for your yummy cupcakes and Happy Birthday again!!

We had a great day today Kindergarten, thank you very much!

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tayana