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Hello everyone,

Welcome to a thriving Thursday!

Kindergarten class began their day with a morning group time with Miss Tatyana. Today we read the book ‘Living Things’. This helped us understand what living things are and how we are all connected and similar; we each have our own life cycle. We also completed our daily calendar and spoke about the weather and any special occasions during this time like Ayla and Harvey’s birthday this weekend! Miss Tatyana then got us each to name one living thing in this world as a transition to the wash hands and have some morning tea.

After that, Kindergarten got to explore the classroom for some fun activities. Today we joined in some sensory play with playdough. Kindergarten used our laminated letter templates and playdough to practice some of our alphabet recognition games and also the phonetic sounds of each letter. The children have been loving our different games such as ‘Hungry Fish’, playground letter hunts and others to recognize their letters. This particular activity with the laminated templates and playdough have allowed the children to try and copy each letter and create it through playdough. As well as letter recognition, this has also helped target their fine motor skills.

After a good time engaging in our indoor activities, we got to participate in our weekly ARAKAN lesson. We all listened and followed directions well and had lots of fun! Following that, Kindergarten enjoyed a quick Sport and Movement session with Mr Andrew. We played a tennis game and used lots of hand-eye coordination and manipulating a racket. We also practiced our gymnastics skills based on some of the children’s interests and requests. We did some balancing tricks and got out our soft crash mats so we could challenge ourselves physically.

It was then time for us all to come inside, have a big drink of water and fill our bellies up for lunch followed by some quiet rest time.

Thank you Kindergarten friends for a happy day!

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana