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Hello everyone and welcome to our Thursday blog for the Kindergarten 1 classroom. Today we had a few people away so we ended up seeing lots of different relationships forming where children were playing with people they might not have before. It has been great to see all these relationships growing and the classroom is starting to become a very settled and welcoming environment for everyone.

Today we had an awesome time playing outdoors with the dry weather with the children choosing activities like gymnastics on the blue mats, playing tag around the playground and of course riding bikes and playing on the swings. We made sure to do a big tidy up of the playground before we came indoors as this is a big focus for our group at the moment makin sure we look after our environment and keep it tidy so we don’t break resources or lose them.

Indoors we had a few different activities going on. Miss Tatyana brought out our volcano from yesterday and we painted it with brown and red colours to give it a recently erupted look. The children loved getting to the next stage of the process and were excited to get it out this morning.

Our other big activity was making our own playing cards. We have ben doing lots of card games this week and the children have been working hard learning their numbers, suits and how to play a variety of card games. We used rulers and coloured pencils to write the numebrs and draw the pictures. The children did so well controlling the rulers, practicing their pencils grips and making some wonderful playing cards. Once the rooms are open again be sure to check them out on our display on the classroom wall.

After some more outdoor play and martial arts lesson with Mr Dan it was time to come in for lunch. The educators have been impressed with how well the children understand the routines now with their self-serve and cleaning up after meal times.

In the afternoon we plan to have a music and movement session and hopefully learn some new songs. Thanks for reading the blog today and have a wonderful afternoon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana

P.S we are going to start our Home Reading Program in the upcoming weeks so we need families to purchase a small folder that they can put the books and worksheets in to take home. This is optional but is a very powerful way to get your child to understand letters, printed words and their meaning, and also how to think critically about what’s going on in a story (look up the 3S reading strategy or the Abecedarian approach to conversational reading)