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Hello everyone and welcome to a terrific Tuesday in Kindergarten 1!

Our day started with a big play outside before the rain hit us as we waited for all of our Kindy friends to arrive. While we were all happily exploring our yard, Riversdale got a very special visit from the fire department. We suddenly started to hear big loud sirens and a big BEEP! We saw flashing lights and a big red firetruck coming our way. The excitement from all of us was so pure and our Kindy environment was full of positive energy!

We all got the opportunity to talk to the firemen and learn more about their uniform, precautions and what being a fireman is all about. Miss Tatyana even got up and tried on their protective wear and equipment to keep them safe. It was so awesome to see everyone super intrigued and enthused to learn more about firefighters!

After having some refreshing morning tea, Kindergarten got to make their way to the front of the centre and see a real firetruck! We even each got to meet a real fireman, spray the firehose and take a picture. It was such a fun and cool experience and we made sure to thank the lovely firemen for coming to visit us at Riversdale 🙂

Once we made our way back into the classroom, Kindergarten 1 joined on the mat for a group time. We got to participate in a fun quiz all about the fire services. Mr Andrew went through the precautions and safety rules for us to all remember as it is important. He showed us how to ‘Stop, drop and roll’ if there was fire on our clothes. As well as the importance of staying low and walking out as the smoke is up in the air and is dangerous for our lungs. We also got to individually complete a quiz and each received our own ‘Junior Firefighter Certificate’ 🙂

We then got to engage in some classroom activities for the day. Some of us got to complete our skeleton activity of cutting and gluing our skeleton together as a reflection of our Science topic for the week. We can’t wait to learn more about the human body and have so far loved it!

After exploring some of our favorite areas like making playdough, our creative area, home corner play and building, we then got to make our way into the treehouse for a quick sports and movement session. Today’s session involved us playing the Grinch Game. The children (elves) had to try and stack the tennis balls on top of the cones while one person was the “Grinch” who knocked them off. After 30 seconds the game stops, the Grinch had won if there were more balls knocked off, and the elves won if there were more balls stacked. We learnt skills like running, collecting, goal directed movements, throwing, building a sense of competition and fun, teamwork and dealing with setbacks.

Because it started to rain, Kindy class made their way back inside and engaged in a little yoga session before lunch. We moved our bodies, stretched and relaxed altogether. It was a perfect activity for today’s rainy weather.

After that, It was time for us all to transition smoothly into lunch time to fill our bellies up followed by quiet rest time.

Thank you friends for such a fun-filled day, we have really enjoyed it!

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana