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Welcome to our Tuesday blog for the Kindy 1 classroom.

Today we had a few fun planned activities for the children so let us share what we did today!

Wand design – the children used coloured pencils and felt pens to design their own wands, name them and give them special powers. When the children come back to Kindy next we will have all the materials ready to make them. During this activity the children are building their creativity, imagination, verbal language and drawing skills and we will put their fine motor skills to the test when we build them.

Lego collage – yesterday a few children completed this activity and we did it again today, letting the children use the Lego blocks to make a collage style picture. Even though they were using similar pieces the artworks were all so unique in the way the arranged the blocks, what they made, and how many of the blocks they used.

Water filter brainstorm – we discussed the water cycle and about using water purposefully. We also talked about how some people need to filter the water that they drink so we had a brainstorm about ways to clean the water. There were plenty of interesting suggestions and over the rest of the week we will test out the different filtration methods.

In the afternoon our sport and movement session will be throwing games today while the indoor group will practice our graduation surprise as well as some number games and games to learn left and right directions.

Thanks for reading the Kindy blog today and have a wonderful evening.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess