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Hello friends and families of the Kindy 1 classroom, welcome to our blog today!

This morning we welcome Miss Jess as she starts her first full day here in Kindy 1. The children are already so comfortable to ask for help with things and they are excited to show her what they are capable of. At our group time this morning we checked the roll and changed our calendar. We went into more depth with the order of the days of the week and months of the year. It is definitely birthday season in the Kindy class so we are noticing when our friends birthdays are as well.

Our planned activities today included testing our reaction times to catching a ruler. This was an extension to the learning we have been doing about our muscles. See the photo below for our scores (how many centimetres down the ruler we caught it, so lower numbers are better). The children loved this activity and carried it on for the rest of the morning.

Outdoors we each had a turn on the monkey bars to test our strength, we will keep practicing this skill and we have already seen so much improvement from the children so well done. It takes a lot of persistence and practice.

Throughout the the day the children¬† had chances to collect a leaf from the playground and paint it. Those that had painted it were able to then glue a picture of their special chosen totem on the back. We will then put some string through them and display them on our classroom tree to build the children’s sense of belonging to the class.

In the afternoon we plan to write some more thank you cards for our friends in preparation for our “god manners” show tomorrow. Cricket was also popular this morning so we will carry it on in the afternoon.

Thanks for joining us today.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess