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Hello Riversdale families,

Welcome to a terrific Tuesday!

Kindergarten class started their day with a quick morning group time as always; completing our daily calendar and welcoming one another as an inclusive and happy start to our day. We then read the book ‘All around the World’, exploring cultures and the world in which we live. This was followed by the song and picture game ‘Whole World’; all in which extending on our topic this week of seasons and our world.

Following on from that, we all had the privilege of participating in our first Chinese lesson thanks to Miss Jessica. We learnt how to say “hello” and “my name is…” in Mandarin. Miss Jess then read us a special Chinese story and we also got to make some traditional dumplings as a class! What a great start to our little journey of learning Mandarin and more about the Chinese culture. We are always open and eager to dive into new cultures and our world. A big thank you to Miss Jess for today and we look forward to the next couple of Tuesday’s continuing on with it.

It was then time for us all to self-serve our morning tea and enjoy a little picnic with our friends. We washed our plates, packed away and started our classroom activities.

Today Kindergarten really enjoyed the practical life shelf activities involving pouring, scooping and tongs, etc. We also loved playing some literacy and numeracy games as well figuring out our new puzzles. Some of us also then got to participate in Tennis today with Mr Trevor!

After a little play in the classroom, Kindergarten went outside for a sports and movement session with Mr Andrew. Today we played and learnt the Castle Game and Animal Feeding game! Castle game is a catching game where the children line up and either move up to the castle or down to the dungeon, depending if they catch or drop the ball. There is lots of movement up and down the line all the time and chances to go to both ends by changing the difficulty of the throw. Children learn hand-eye coordination, catching technique, working with others, challenging ourselves, dealing with setbacks and following the rules of a game. Animal feeding is a throwing game where the children have to land bean bags into the correct colored hoops. Children learn different throwing techniques like over and under arm and also the same social/emotional skills as above. We had lots of fun!

Back in the room, we did a little afternoon group time as Ayla showed us her adventure with Bob the Sloth and Lily did Show and Tell as she had this week’s Share Bag! Thank you Ayla and Lily for sharing with the class! I wonder who will be next and will show Bob the sloth his next adventure 🙂

We then came inside for some lunch and rest our bodies. Thank you Kindergarten friends for a happy day!

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana