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Hello everyone and welcome to the Wednesday blog for the Kindy 1 class. Today was a full classroom which made the day very busy but also exciting seeing all the different group games being set up in the class and the playground.

In the morning many children watched as we got our outdoor patio roof fixed by Mr Steve and Mr Peter. Others enjoyed searching for different dots hidden around the playground.

As we came indoors for group time we read the story “the dot” which was about overcoming obstacles when you think you cant and trying to make your mark on the world. This inspired lots of our activities for today including writing our names with dot stickers, painting dots to make our class mural on canvas and some dot number games. The children are really getting to explore a range of different experiences like art, literacy, numeracy and other problem solving activities.

In the afternoon we plan to play a class game of “octopus” where the children have to get from one side of the playground to the other without getting tagged by the octopus. Tagged children become “seaweed” stuck to that spot which makes it harder to get to the other side. Once everyone is tagged the game starts again.

Thanks for reading the blog today. We hope you have enjoyed being able to come into the playground environments again.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess