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Hello everyone,

Welcome to a wonderful Wednesday!

Today, we started our day amongst our outdoor yard playing and exploring with all of our friends as they arrived. This was followed by some of us attending our weekly Little Big Sports lesson! We engaged in Soccer and followed Coach’s instructions extra well today, we really enjoyed it!

Back inside the classroom, Kindergarten completed our daily calendar together and engaged in a number recognition game to transition into morning tea after our group time! We re-energized our bodies and packed away our dishes and water bottles, ready for our classroom activities!

Today we thoroughly enjoyed some group activities and games, which was great to see the children really think, get creative and use their independence and initiative to set up and make their own games as a group! This is excellent for their abilities to plan, organize, get along with others as well as regulate their emotions 🙂 Plus, we love seeing what they take and learn off the educators they see do the same for them every day!

We also participated in a special activity that extended on this week’s focus of balance and measurement in our Science area. Mr Andrew set up a piece of paper that had different objects on it that we collected around the classroom. The aim of the experiment was to weigh each object on our scale, predict and observe which one would be the heaviest and lightest. It really got our Kindergarten friends to think, compare and observe each of the properties and it’s mass. The Kindergarten educators like doing these sort of activities one by one as it allows us to observe how each child thinks, problem solves and gives us time to help develop and build on each one of our skills, knowledge and concentration. We also focused on number recognition and learning to follow a number scale to have a visual representation of which numbers come to the right (bigger numbers) and which numbers go to the left (smaller numbers). This was also an extension from our little game we did during group time this morning. We did an awesome job in today’s Science activity!

Soon it was time for us all to pack away and join as a class for a little afternoon group time. We read a special story and sung and danced to some groovy songs together 🙂

It was then time for us all to fill our bellies up with lunch and have a quiet rest.

Thank you Kindergarten for a fun-filled day and we will see you all soon!

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana