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Hello everyone,

Welcome to a wonderful Wednesday in Kindergarten 1!

It was so awesome to see all of our friends arrive to Kindy in support of the SES in all of our orange! It was such a happy start to our day and we were ready to embark on all the fun ahead! We brought out the carpentry set which was a new experience for many. They enjoyed driving the nails into the wood and hammering milk bottle caps. We made sure to focus on safe technique and wear our safety goggles.

As we all joined for our morning group time we welcomed one another and also completed our daily calendar and spoke about the special occasions that we have on today like celebrating Connor.S’ birthday and introducing the children to the National Simultaneous Storytime that will occur at 11am today! We definitely knew that we were in for a treat today to be able to celebrate all that we are 🙂

After morning tea we watched a short video of the SES in action and afterwards the children were ready to embark on some missions of their own. As a team we crossed our rope bridge even navigating the tricky pole in the middle. We crossed over the tree trunk stepping stones and made it to our climbing wall we had to navigate down the wall and save the “people” (wooden blocks) without touching the “water” (ground). This was a very tricky task for our children with shorter arms but they showed wonderful persistence and problem solving skills to figure out how to retrieve the blocks. We even role played some rescue scenarios where there were 3 children hidden around the playground who were hurt and we had to find them and look after them in the best way possible. It was a great chance to revisit the knowledge we learnt at the paramedic show about checking for breathing, performing CPR if they aren’t or calling emergency services “000” if they are unconscious and putting them in the recovery position.

Our simultaneous story was about space and a young girl dreaming of wanting to be an astronaut. It prompted lots of questions about space and the children enjoyed the colourful illustrations.

Later in the afternoon we had some special treats from Connor’s mum and a dance party to celebrate his birthday. The children had a blast all sitting at the combined tables and dancing away from their friends.

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana