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Hello everyone,

Welcome to a wonderful Wednesday in the Kindergarten 1 room!

We began our day with a happy group time. We welcomed one another and our educators for an inclusive start to our day followed by competing our daily calendar. We spoke about the weather, date and any special occasions that may be on today. We discovered that today is our national Pay it Forward Day! We discussed what this day is all about and how we can each “pay it forward”.

After re-energizing our bodies with some morning tea, Kindy class engaged in some classroom activities. We each took turns to make a special bracelet with our own message to wear around our wrist or give it to a friend. This is a reminder of some kind things we could say or do to help pay it forward. We discussed ways to be kind to others and how that kindness will find a way to come back to us. We dived more into it through watching a short video about paying it forward to see it in action. Then we finally got to create paper chains with messages about kind acts we have done to others. We were all very eager and showed each other lots of love this morning as we celebrated this special day 🙂

As some of us attended our weekly Big Little Sports soccer lesson, the rest of us continued on from our clock and time activity. We found pictures in the playground of a digital clock time and analogue clock time and had to draw the hands on the blank clocks on their worksheets to match the time. This activity was great for building number recognition skills, an appreciation for how the clock and time works, persistence to find the different clocks and observation skills to figure out which clock to draw on based on the numbers. We have done a great job and us educators have already seen an improvement to our clock skills.

It was then time for us all to work together to tidy our classroom and get ready for a quick sports and movement session with Miss Tatyana. We practiced our ball rolling skills and throwing it into the net. There was also lots of catching and throwing and team work involved. We love using our physical skills and energy during our sports and movement sessions.

We then had to make our way inside for a big lunch and have a big drink drink of water, followed by a rest/quiet time.

We hope you have all enjoyed your Wednesday like we have!

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana