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Hello Kindergarten 1 family and friends

Welcome to a wonderful Wednesday!

In today’s morning group time we all welcomed one another and completed our daily calendar. We also joined in a number recognition card game as our transition into washing hands and morning tea.

For morning tea today Kindergarten enjoyed eating some fresh fruit & berries with some yoghurt and muesli! After filling our bellies, we used our self-help skills to pack away our plates, water-bottles and tables. It is awesome to see their independent skills and clean up after themselves. We are very proud 🙂

Today, we very much enjoyed some block building, literacy games and puzzles, our fine-motor trays practicing our skills and worked on our Eating Healthy pyramid and foods! revising over these areas consistently helps the children to develop their skills and learning! Some of our friends even got to participate in the Big Little Sports lesson today with coach! They had so much fun experiencing their first proper soccer class today 🙂

After engaging in a number of activities within the classroom, we all packed away and prepared ourselves to head into our treehouse for a physical activity game incorporating numbers and thinking. We raced to ensure the correct number of blocks were under the right card. We also rolled a dice and had to run to that number card first! We had a blast using our brains and muscles to win the game! Thank you Mr Andrew 🙂

Back inside the room, Kindergarten helped prepare our beds and quiet activities for rest time, again showing their awesome self-help skills! We then joined for an afternoon group time with Miss Tatyana, singing songs and reading a story called ‘The playground is like the jungle’. The book showed us the importance of how we play in the playground and how we can effect others around us. And all the fun that we each experience in the playground! What a great story!

It was then time for us all to have some lunch and enjoy the rest of our Wednesday!

We hope you have all had a positive day and we will see you all very soon 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana