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Hello families and welcome to Friday, we have arrived at the end of another fun filled week in Kindergarten. This week has seen the children enjoy a Mothers Day afternoon tea with our Mum’s Grandma’s and even a few brave Dad’s. The afternoon was a lovely time for us to take time stop and get to know the families that are part of our community. The community has continued to visit us, today we had a fun dance class visiting us Miss Jenni from Funky Feet helped us to move our bodies.

The children have loved exploring the Magic Beach by Alison Lester and we have been able to explore some amazing beach themes and also learn some new words. This literacy experience has helped the children to develop an understanding of different concepts, this was shown today as Hamilton and Wynter played in the playground today using the sand from the sandpit, some twigs and leaves and made their own version of a Magic Beach. Watching as the children transferred the words that we had learnt in the book into their play was a wonderful thing to see.

During our Science units we are currently exploring Space and how we get there. The children are learning about the planets in our Solar System and which ones are gas planets and which ones have rings around them. We have also been discussing the International Space station and the children are extremely fascinated that people live their all year round and cant come home for lunch. We have also been looking at our body and how it moves and all the amazing things that we can do with our body. The children have discovered skin today after looking at Bobby Bones and realising that he has no skin. Please help the children to explore this new concept, I apologies if they start looking for different colour skin.

It is my pleasure to teach your children and I look forward to another exciting week in Kindergarten


Miss Sharon