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Good afternoon and welcome to another day in the kindergarten room.

This morning we had a great day exploring and engaging in activities there was painting and drawing. we also had fun running up and down the hill, sliding down the slide.

we then came inside for morning tea and group time. Miss Sarah Started our day with group time where discussed what we would like to do today some of us said painting and colouring, musical instruments, cars, puzzles. We also are still having a discussion about the feeling sad and why we are feeling sad.

Angelina and Liam did self portaits by using the 3 sided mirrow and copying there images of them self by using paint brushes and paint.

Miss Sarah sat down with each child and asked them “All about Me” questons about them like whats their favourite thing to do at kindergarten, when I grow up I want to be and favourite colour.

Before Lunch Miss Emma took of us outside and play “Duck Duck Goose” out on the Tree House”.

In the afternoon Miss Emma had a discussion on what we are doing tomorrow and Tomorrow were going to make Green Slime as a group activity and also what else we like to do Hamilton wants to play “Duck Duck Goose”, Liam wants to do Building and drawing.

Hope you all had Great Day from Kindergarten , Miss Emma and Miss Sarah