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Hello families and friends…

This morning before morning tea some of our Kindergarten 2 friends were very excited to share their show and tell items with their peers. Harper proudly showed off her ‘red crab’, Hendrix shared his ‘Captain America’ costume and Owen explained how his lego police helicopter lands on water to save people. We decided it would be interesting later in the day to do a little research about Harper’s soft toy crab to discover what type of crab it is and where it lives. We then all joined in for our ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ and good morning greetings and then prepared for morning tea. However, just as we were about to transition to wash our hands Mr Dan and Mr Chris arrived for ARAKAN… The children happily made their way to the outdoor classroom to join in on practicing a variety of martial arts skills. The children displayed wonderful listening skills and turn taking skills as they engaged. By the time we ventured back indoors the children had worked up quite an appetite for morning tea.

Play and learning time today Miss Leesa did some research on ‘red crabs’ and the children gathered to watch a short video about the ‘Christmas Crab’ which we thought looked just like Harper’s red soft toy crab. We discovered that the Christmas Crab likes to run across the sand at the beach and can be found in Australia. The children thought the little crabs were so funny as they crawled all over the top of each other. Today we also continued on with sensory playdough play with the seashells and playing in pairs to practice our hand/eye coordination skills with the magnetic fishing game.

Other play and learning experiences today included practicing fine motor drawing skills – tracing numbers and letters on the whiteboards, working individually and in pairs to complete the 12 piece puzzles and role play with the dolls house and accessories and baby doll play.

What super fun and busy day… Enjoy the photos… Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa