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•Hello and welcome all to our day here in the Kindergarten room with Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.•

This morning Mr Andrew and Miss Jordan greeted all children in the foyer with a warm and friendly smile and lead them to the great outdoors where their journey of learning and having fun begins. ♥

The children really enjoy exploring different heights when they are playing so the climbing hexagon frame is a great way for them to explore great height with safety. Having different areas where they can reach different height levels (safely)  is a great way to enhcnace on children’s body strength as they are using all four limbs when required to move around the obstacle and also moving upward and downward. Having climbing equipment also helps with the children’s concentraion, coordination and balancing skills. These skills benefit children immensely as they continue to grow up.

The doll house was a hit by Harper, Kianni and Eva as they happily played and explored different roles of acting to be the mum, dad, kid and even a pet animal. They really enjoyed using their imagination and it was so amazing to hear and see it all in action. The sandpit area was having a lot of attention in the mud kitchen where children were baking away some tasty cakes, pies and sweets. Other children were seen making some castles in the sandpit as well so Miss Jess thought what about if we all worked together to make a BIG castle!! The children were so excited and off they rushed to help collect water to harden the sand to make a good solid castle, some children helped mould the castle into a beautiful shape and then carved around the castle to make a river around it with dinosaurs!!! What a fun way to work together as a team to finish the product.

After morning tea

Miss did a group time with her kindergarten friends while Mr Andrew was setting up our new classroom which will now be in the end class!! Miss Jess read the goldilocks and the three bears this morning and after the book Miss Jess asked if they would like to act out the story. They all replied with such enthusiasm and said YES!  Dramatic play is a great way for children to act out what they have seen or heard and so much more. Our friends acted out the story in such confidence and it was so awesome to see how they remember the story as they acted it out in their own way. Afterwards some children explored the dress ups with Miss Jordan!

Meanwhile Miss Jess played a game of BINGO with Eva, Sonni, Wyatt, Reid, Emmett and Kerim! When the number was called out from the chosen ball all children needed to then match the number if they had it on their card. The children really enjoyed playing this game. Bingo is a great and fun way to enhance on the children’s learning skills as it challenges them to look at the number to then remember what it looks like when looking for it on their card. It is also a great way to enhance their cognitive development too.

After Lunch time.

The non sleepers rested their bodies for 15 minutes as they listened to relaxing and calm music in the tree house. Meanwhile the sleepers had a lovely peaceful sleep as they reenergise for this afternoons whirl of fun.

This afternoon children had a lovely time playing and adventuring outside before it was time for them to go home.

Thank you Kindergarten for today,

See you all soon.

Miss Jess and Mr Andrew.