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Hello and welcome to Terrific Tuesday

The children have had a great day and enjoyed being inside watching the rain fall outside. We have discussed how the rain was washing the dirt away and cleaning the environment. We have enjoyed changing our weather calendar over to show something different. Jaxon has watched the clouds to see if the sun would shine through so we could possibly go outside today.

Inside today we have enjoyed exploring some activities about the weather, this has included creating the sun using paper plates. Graysen enjoyed painting everything yellow and adding the glitter. The children have enjoyed exploring the paints from our craft table. We have also looked at the wind as it moves the cloud, the children have been able to understand the concept of wind from watching the colourful ribbons in the garden.

We have also looked at some insects reading a book about growing frogs, this activity sparked Jacobs interest asking where he could find tadpoles. We have also sang the ants go marching today which the children enjoyed. Miss Sharon also engaged the children in a game of insects we rolled the dice and the children had to fly like a bee, flutter like a butterfly and also hide like a cockroach.

We have had a lovely day today and have enjoyed watching the rain as it fell.

Have a great evening and stay dry


Miss Sharon, Miss Sarah and their little learners.