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Hello everyone and welcome to another day in the kindergarten room,

This morning we had great start out side in the play ground we had easel painting, coloured ball throwing into crates, bikes and construction area. After our big play outside we transitioned to wash our hands for morning tea.

We then had group time with Miss Emma where still are  continuing our discussion about what makes us feel angry? and  What can we do if we are feeling angry?
and also taking care of our environment. Through respecting our toys and packing away after we have finished with an experience and resetting for our friends to engage with it after us. we also discuss what me would like to do today Jaxon said play with playdough and make in into a snowman and squish it down with a roller, Emily said I want to play with play-dough and make it into a snowman, Liam said play with playdough with my dinosaur, Wynter said I want to play with play-dough and make in into a snow man and a pancake for the snow man to go on the snow with it., Matthew said I want to play with play-dough and make it bigger, Hamilton said I want to paint a car and picture of my daddy driving it and Angelina said I want to listen to music.

The kindergarten children have been enjoying having the opportunity to freely express their imagination and creativity painting on the art easels. After the children have finished painting their works of art we are encouraging them children to describe what they have painted. This is a great opportunity for the children to develop their verbal language through sentence and their descriptive language.

The children had the opportunity to revisit our open ended material art. The children yesterday had requested to have this experience available for them to explore and create with again today. We decided to write our names our names on a pieces a paper then using pva glue to trace our names then sprinkling coloured rice all over our name.

We also engaged in playdough that we had made yesterday.

Layla, Harper and Wynter played with pretend cookies and pretended to bake them on the baking tray

When and Mr Daniel come in and teach us Arakan (martial Arts) we did 2 race which where, running, frog jumping, we also did slapping our hands on the mr daniels shield pad.

Group games have also become an increasing interest for the children. Before lunch we went up into the outdoor classroom where the children had the opportunity to play together their favourite games. First we played doggie, doggie where’s your bone and then duck duck goose. Group games are a great opportunity for children to experience games with rules, be patient, cooperate in group settings, engage in turn taking, fairness and most importantly have fun.

Have a great afternoon everyone

Miss Emma and Miss Sarah