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Hello families and welcome to Wet Wednesday

The children have had a lovely day inside due to the rain falling, we have played inside with our friends. Hamilton and Wynter have been able to enjoy creating some amazing umbrellas today, they are a little worried as they don’t have covers on them to keep out the water.

We have also continued on the topic of weather looking at how much rain has fallen today. We placed a container in the rain and measured the level from 8:30am till 2:30pm stay tuned for the results. The weather looks like it will be the same for a lot of the week so we will continue this experiment for the week. This activity will help the children to understand some graph activities and support mathematical development.

We have also finished our sun and created clouds for the wall. The classroom is evolving into a weather wall and we are enjoying the unit.

Lucky for us their was a rocket launch last night and the children were very excited to discuss this current topic. We looked at what was on the rocket and how it would effect us here on Earth, I am loving how the children are bring to kindy.

We have had a lovely day and hope that you all have a dry evening


Miss Sharon, Miss Sarah and the explorers.