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Hello and welcome to Wacky Wednesday when all the fun things happen.

Today we have had soccer with Coach Clayton most of the class had soccer this morning so we decided to watch some of the soccer lesson in the sunshine. Layla, Jaxon and Graysen had a great time watching their friends playing whilst they ate some fruit.

Once soccer had finished we continued making our stars for the classroom, Sage enjoyed helping Miss Sharon painting the stars. We have also made some interesting monsters with the egg cartons today so be careful opening their bags today you might just get a fright.

The children have also learnt about their ears today and yes parents they understand now how sounds get into their ears. We have also discussed that they can never turn them off either. Hamilton loves learning about his body and especially enjoyed today learning about ear wax and what it is used for.

This afternoon we will continue exploring space and will look at how the moons travel around the individual planets.

The children have had a lovely day and we hope that you are all enjoying your Wednesday and staying warm.


Miss Sharon and her astronauts