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Hello all and welcome to our Friday blog.

We had a great day today and so many laughs and smiles which was great to see. We welcomed Connor for his first day in the Kindergarten class and he settled so well and the children learnt his name very quickly.

The children enjoyed some indoor play this morning, making the most of the natural materials table which has items such as wooden rings, coloured pebbles, rocks and sticks. They made some wonderful creations and it provides the children an opportunity to be the in charge of their own learning and create whatever they would like.

We also played a few different games today as Wyatt brought in his alphabet bingo and Ellie brought in some monster dominos. The children loved the bingo and Wyatt knew what all of the pictures would be as soon as the letter was drawn out. After one round with Mr Andrew the children were able to run it themselves and show great leadership and cooperation skills to keep the game going on their own. The children also enjoyed putting monster stickers onto each of the dominoes and it was a great opportunity to practice fine motor skills to place the stickers on the right way.

Outdoors we set up a huuuge obstacle course with lots of jumps, twists and turns and the children began following each other around the big circuit and some of the more adventurous children began to play tag on the course as well. It is great to see the confidence and gross motor skills developing during activities like this.

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great weekend everyone.

Mr Andrew


Counting the legs on the jellyfish (practicing numbers all the way up to 30)

Our big obstacle course

Connor’s car that he wanted to show mum and dad