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Happy Friday!!!

This morning Miss Jess and Miss Jade had all the children outside so they were able to have a long play in the outdoors before the rain came later throughout the day. The children really enjoyed exploring the musical instruments that Miss Dom bought in for all to share and play. They felt very calm when playing these instruments. uke, flute and playing with the eagle feather. Thank you Miss Dom for allowing our friends to explore different sounds and touch.

Miss Lynn kindly let us use her pin the nose to the reindeer game! It was pretty tricky for our friends who were blind folded to then have to work out where to put the nose however they all did a pretty good job and some of them got it so close!

After sometime it was time to head inside to get ready for group time. This morning for group time we did our usual roll check, calendar and Ellie had some special things to show her friends for show and tell. Soon enough it was time to transition to morning tea, after we all had eaten we all sat back down on the green mat ready to watch a clip of a boy who can stack cups super fast and has the world record! Mr Andrew thought it would be pretty cool and fun to see how our friends would go with it. We started by stacking 6 paper cups and timing how fast we could do it. Well done to Braxton, Arden and Mariah who managed to stack 6 cups in 4 seconds! We then made it more difficult by using 10 cups. The children loved challenging themselves and there were lots of giggles when some of the towers came crashing down. We talked about numbers and how our times increased as the task got more difficult. Well done to Wyatt and Coen who managed to stack 10 cups in 10 seconds! Give it a try at home and see how good you can get!

Meanwhile Miss Jess kept going with the Christmas gifts for those children who weren’t here yesterday. Throughout the morning our friends danced away to Christmas songs, getting their best grooves on and if they wanted to they could get some face paint on their face or hand as some requested it.

Before lunch time Mr Andrew and all children raced up to the tree house to do some games to test out our balance, coordination, catching skills and teamwork skills. We drove around in our “cars” (hoops) and responded to the instructions. The next game was about passing the ball around the circle as a team while one person ran around the outside. Our fastest racer today was Miss Charlotte who managed to go around the circle 8 times before the children passed the ball around.

Woohoooo what fun that was and now it was time to have a big drink of water and calm our bodies down, wash our hands in time for lunch.

This afternoon as the weather ended up being rainy…we had a fun filled afternoon with lots of different activities such as

  • Building with lego and the connectors
  • Making chatterboxes
  • Role playing in home corner
  • Free drawing and writing
  • Singing and dancing to Christmas music
  • Problem solving with the puzzles

What a joyful week this has been and we said goodbye to our friends Braxton and Eva today as it is their last day today. Wish you both all the best for the new journey ahead.♥

Have a safe and happy weekend everyone and see you all next week!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess♥