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It’s Friday and the end of the Kindergarten week! We have had a fantastic day to end our week with lots of smiles, laughter and fun times in the sunshine. This morning in the playground we had lots of fun activities available for the children. There were obstacle courses to test the balance which Coen and Kerim really enjoyed and soon everyone was joining them. Racket games like tennis and badminton have been very popular and Braxton has been testing out his skills with these games a lot. Miss TJ also set up and awesome face painting station where Harper got a unicorn, Eva a butterfly and Carter a spider. Mace practiced his soccer skills seeing how far he could kick the ball out of the tree house while Ellie, Mariah and Charlotte danced around the playground to different activities like the doll’s houses or the dinosaur playground.

Today we learn a few new songs including a scarf waving one and a caterpillar one. Due to technical reasons we can’t get as many videos up as we would like to but we have added one at the end of the blog for you to view. It is our Colours of Australia song that we have been practicing that acknowledges everyone has different features but inside we are all the same. It’s a great message for children to learn nice and early. The children loved the scarf song most of all and asked for it multiple times so we will definitely do this one some more.

After music time we each drew our own pictures of space. There were lots of different features on display including stars, moons, planets, suns and even aliens! I have been impressed at how well the children are learning all the facts about space, it really is a fascinating topic.

In the afternoon we had some free choice time where the children could choose what activities they wanted to do. Braxton, Coen and Kerim went straight for the puzzles and completed 8 different ones and placed them together to make an awesome mural. Ellie, Mariah and Charlotte made some pictures using the magnetic shapes and afterwards went for some playdough. This little group have become quite a tight friendship and you can see the positive influences on each other. Charlotte ensuring that they play nicely and fairly, Ellie bringing the others out of their comfort zone to try new things and Mariah often providing the story or imagination for what they are doing.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful week and we will see you again next week.

Mr Andrew