Welcome to our Friday blog everyone! It’s the end of the week and we have been doing lots of exciting activities and awesome learning. In the morning Carter brought his tennis set and a few children had a turn at practicing some tennis skills. Others enjoyed going on adventures on the swing and another popular spot was the sandpit which is nice and cool on days like this.

When we came indoors we did our role and read out our affirmation cards which they children are slowly beginning to remember. We used these later to make some cards about a special person in our lives. Other activities available at this time were some rubber band activities with pine cones where we tried to make our own bouncy balls.

The big exciting event this morning was the spider we found in the classroom, the children all gathered around watching it inside the jar. We even decided to name this one and there were some great suggestions such as:

  • “Macdonald” – Coen
  • “Superhero” – Mace
  • “Spiderman” – Carter
  • “Macey” – Mariah
  • “Ugly” – Connor
  • “Spider” – Kerim

Later in the morning Miss Jeni came for our dancing lesson where we practiced different movements and reacting quickly to find a certain coloured spot. We also did weaving through all the children making sure not to bump into them.

In the afternoon we plan to do an alphabet treasure hunt in some sandpit tubs and finish off our affirmation cards. We also say a big happy birthday to Wyatt who turns 6 tomorrow. Enjoy your day Wyatt!

Thanks for joining us today and have a lovely weekend!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.