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Hello and welcome families to our fabulous day here in the Kindergarten room.

Today we had another half in and half outside day, children really loved this and respond so well to the new routines this week.

All children began their morning outside exploring their outdoor environments. Mace, Carter and Coen enjoyed zooming around on the bikes. Eva, Ellie, Evelyn, Astrid and Mace enjoyed playing in the sandpit, making scrumptious food, castles and swinging on the rope swings!! Braxton, Kerim and Coen showed a lot of interest in watering the ground so this sparked an idea for Mr Andrew, he jumped to get the water hose and offered his friends to help him water the garden and the plants. Some children used watering cans as others were happy to help use the garden hose. Charlotte had a lot of fun with showing how great she can balance while walking across the obstacle course. Children than came together to help tidy up before they washed their hands ready for morning tea.

After children had eaten, they headed inside for group time with Mr Andrew and Miss Jess. Mr Andrew went through the calendar with us and got some helpers to help change certain things on the calendar such as the date, day, and the weather. Miss Jess then did sign langue for the days of the week, it truly is great to see how confident and involved learners that our friends are. It was then time to show children an activity we would be doing on the table inside before heading back outside in the treehouse. Children were able to cut out their immediate family members, pets if they have any at home and they stuck them down with glue before they could either draw or ask for help to write what their favourite food and toy is and they also coloured in the circle of their favourite colour. Children enjoyed doing this activity and the benefits of them doing this activity is wonderful as it helps builds their self- esteem, helps them acknowledge what they like and who are in their family and so much more.

For the rest of the day except for rest time children had so much fun spending the last day of the week outside in the treehouse and under in the sandpit as it was a little too warm to run around until this afternoon when it was a lot more cooler. A lot of fun games were played up in the tree house, so many laughs and smiles were shared throughout the day.

I apologise for the photos not uploading, they didn’t seem to want to work – I have however printed a few off to be viewed on the door along with the blog.

Thankyou Kindergarten for today and see you all next week.

Have a lovely and safe weekend.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.