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Hello everyone and welcome to the end of our Kindergarten week!

We have had lots of fun and laughter and some unique experiences today and the children have been the leaders of their own learning. Outdoors we began with a few different activities like “Jenga”, dress up role playing, digging in the sandpit and exploring the shady areas beneath the trees and bushes.

Miss Jess found a little wasp egg attached to the building and we could still see the larva in the egg. It was a fascinating opportunity to explore the life cycle of different wasps and see it with their own eyes. Xavier, Kerim and Carter also brought in books today that we read aloud for the class. The children love to follow along with the stories and talk about what they see or guess what might happen next. They are great opportunities for critical thinking and developing verbal language skills so thank you for brining these wonderful books for us.

To round off World Nursery Rhyme Week we traced pictures of different nursery rhymes to test our pencil grips and fine motor skills to follow the lines. We practiced reciting them together as a group and focused on the words that rhymed. The children have naturally begun noticing words that rhyme in daily conversation like block and clock.

In the afternoon we plan to play some charades and act out or describe pictures on the cards. The children enjoy opportunities to express themselves and show others what they know so look forward to hearing how that went from your children.

Thanks for joining us today, have an awesome weekend and see you next week!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess