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Hello families and friends of the Kindergarten children here at Riversdale. Come take a read of todays journey on this wonderful Friday.

This morning Mr Andrew and Miss Jess gave a bright welcoming to all 13 superstars! All friends rather enjoy having a great big morning play outside as they arrive and to greet their friends, explore the wonderful outdoor area and to be involved in fun activities throughout the yard. Miss Donna set up water play in the trough and decided to put in the magnet under the water animals and children had to use the fishing rods to fish them out. WOW all children were so intrigued and had so much fun!! Ball games are always a favourite thing to play as they practice their great hand and eye coordination and crikey I have certainly seen some great kicks and catches! Bikes and scooters are always fun to zoom around on, Miss Jess even rode around doubling her friend Sunni on the scooter and I’m not too sure who had more fun haha….

After our massive play we headed inside to cool off and sat on the mat for group time. Mr Andrew talked about some of the exciting things we would be getting tup today and we also went through our calendar. After our group time we waited so nicely for our name to be called to wash our hands ready for morning tea.

After our tummies were nice and full we then helped cleaned up before choosing some table activities they would like to do. The playdough, water play and baby animals, insects were a hit today however children also really enjoyed dancing their little hearts away to the sound of awesome Disney songs and other friends liked exploring home corner and all it has to offer. Mr Andrew also did a slideshow on what animal lay eggs and all friends did a great job at remembering most of them.

For our little dancers of the room they were just in luck as Miss Jenny did dancing with us today! In the dance lesson we all practiced some of the dances we are doing at the end of the year! We definitely have groovers in the classroom sooooo look out.

For this afternoon all friends headed outside for a play and enjoyed their friends and teachers company before they got picked up.

Thankyou Kindergarten for today and the great week.

Have a lovely and safe weekend,

See you all next week,

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.