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Welcome to the end of our fantastic week in the Kindergarten class, we have lots to share with you today including some great action shots of climbing, creating and learning!

This morning our children met the new teacher Miss Lily who will be an awesome addition to the team. We have tried to spread the outdoor activities around the playground more so that we are utilising all of the wonderful space we have. We have established an awesome cooking corner, some artwork on the concrete patio and some more table activities outdoors for when children just want to sit and play.

After coming indoors we had a morning tea of custard, fruit and biscuit bits. The children have been slowly getting used to the new menu and a great idea for families could be to take a copy of the menu from the reception desk and start cooking or preparing some of these foods with your children at home to help them get used to them. They always smell delicious and I’m sure the process of making the meals will be lots of fun! Children are more likely to eat food that they have prepared themselves.

After our group time this morning we gathered at the table and used the natural materials to see what artistic creations we could make. It is amazing that despite having the same materials to work with, everyone made such wildly different creations. Wyatt made a “tower”, Harper and Charlotte made roads that followed the edges of the boxes, Reid and Kerim worked together to make a “squid”, Coen made a “person” and Mace made a “transformer”. Mariah and Ellie used the opportunity while the others were busy to set up their big shop for selling food. They took their babies along to give them a special treat of visiting the shop.

Other activities that were enjoyed throughout the day were some letter games with flashcards, some puppet stories, bowling with pins and some reading sessions. I love how the children are happy to sit with their friends and read stories as these are great opportunities to establish friendships and develop language skills.

We had an early lunch today and afterwards decided to all gather in the sandpit for a variety of activities while the weather was nice. Reid and Kerim used some water to “melt” all of the sand off the car toys. Ellie and Mariah helped pot their own plants, putting soil in a cup and placing branch cuttings in them. Coen and Wyatt set themselves up in the kitchen corner and made some delicious snacks while Harper and Charlotte supplied the water for the kitchen so they could do jobs like washing dishes and making drinks. Mace and Braxton used the big tub to flatten some tracks around the sandpit for their trucks. It has been a big theme for the week that the children are more and more beginning to choose activities for their own learning. The teachers have been able to demonstrate some acivies to the children and they have been able to then play with that activity and take it in the direction they like while using the resources respectfully. Personal responsibility are big qualities needed in preperation for school and it is great to see the children starting to show glimpses of this.

Thank you for a great week Kindergarten class and see you next week.

Mr Andrew