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Hello and welcome to our day in the Kindergarten room.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess welcome 11 friends for our Friday session.

The Kindergarten had an awesome guest with us this morning, a visit from Miss Emma the previous Kindergarten teacher. She helped us settle in for the day with stories and questions about what we would like to do with some of the resources parents had brought in.

We did some flower painting and rainbow drawing with a big focus on colours and observing our environment to see what we could make.

With yummy fruits and yoghurt for morning tea and vegetables and toasties for lunch we had lots of satisfied tummies.
The children are really showing their desire to be independent and in charge of their own learning. They were often choosing which activities we should do and took charge in making their own playdough (with help from the teachers of course).

It is great to see so many confident and capable learners developing in the Kindergarten room and we look forward to an exciting year together.


See you all next week
Mr Andrew, Miss Jess 😊