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Welcome to the end of our Kindergarten week. We ended it with a rainy inside day but the children still had heaps of fun!

In the morning we explored some free choice activities like the board games, water play activities, the natural material table and the the electronic keyboard. We have been joining up all of the tables together in one big group for meal times and it has been great for socialization as the children have been having big discussions about various things and there have been lots of laughs too.

The children were excited for Miss Jeni and her dance class again. Today the children did so well to wait in line while their friends each had a turn at doing the moves. It has been great to see this class bringing out more confidence in the children to dance in front of others and let loose. She has even begun choosing a “Star of the week” and today it was Mace! Well done Mace.

Afterwards Miss Dominique provided some relaxing affirmation card sessions and it was a lovely time in the room with others engaged in their favourite activities.

We managed to get outdoors in the tree house for a little bit so to play some jumping, throwing and catching games and hopefully there is a break in the weather so we can get out again.

Other activities that we enjoyed today included using the screwdriver kit to work on the baby high chair. The children loved practicing their fine motor skills with this activity. Another popular activity was chalkboard stories where we told a couple of classic fairytales and also worked together to make up our own stories.

Enjoy your weekends everyone!

Mr Andrew and Miss Dominique