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Hello and welcome everyone to our day in the Kindergarten room. This Morning Mr Andrew and Miss Jess welcome 12 outstanding friends to the Kindergarten room.

What a fabulous Friday it was today!

We started the morning off outside, embracing the sunny weather that mother nature has been so kind to provide us as we can explore the outdoor environment and all it has to offer us. Miss Jess decided to put music on up in the tree house and have a fun dance party with all friends. Everyone let their bodies move to the beat and there were some cool moves! Wyatt definitely LOVED this. Bikes and scooters are always a hit, water play, sandpit fun and drawing on the easel were all liked by the children as they explored their interest in different activities.

Before coming inside all children sat on the green mat outside with Mr Andrew and Miss Jess. Mr Andrew had drawn jellyfish with a different amount of legs on them, the children were asked if they knew how many legs each jellyfish had and with the help from Mr Andrew they all counted them together showing great problem solving and teamwork .

When heading inside we washed our hands and got ready for morning tea. Not long after all children walked to the green mat ready for group time with Mr Andrew. A key component of our group time is focussing on the importance of kindness to one an other. If we see someone that is upset, we go up to them and gently place our hand on their shoulder and ask “Are you okay…” It is really important that we assure all children feel safe, secure, and loved here in our Kindergarten room.

After group time all children self- selected their activities of what they wanted to do this morning. Braxton chose the water play, Marshall, Wyatt, Carter and Coen chose to play with the cars on the massive car mat that they were so AMAZED by. Ellie, Mariah, Charlotte enjoyed playing with the soft playdough as they make delicious cupcakes. Harper liked solving the puzzle, Sunni enjoyed drawing with Mr Ginner. Mason liked creating cool things with the connectors. So much fun was had this morning exploring different activities. Astrid enjoyed reading stories and doing games in the treehouse.

Miss Jenny also came today for DANCE!! All children practiced their high kicks, galloping like horses, jogging in a circle and their dance that they are doing at the end of the year. All children danced with smiles and shared laughter.

This afternoon we headed outside for an afternoon of fun shared with friends and teachers.

Thankyou Kindergarten for a great day.

We hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend and see you all next week.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.