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Welcome to the end of our week in the Kindergarten class. Today was an awesome day filled with lots of kind and caring moments from the children. We were lucky to get some new sports equipment and Mace, Braxton and Kerim were quick to get into the box and explore what we had. There was a rubber “jack” which looked like lots of fun as it rolled in unpredictable ways, Mace had this toy first but saw that Braxton was waiting for a turn so let him have a go. Sharing is never forced at Kindergarten but always expected so it is great to see the children naturally wanting to share as it helps strengthen their relationships and realise that group play can be a lot more fun.

Other new resources included some skipping ropes and hoops. These were very popular and tested the children’s balance and coordination. Mr Andrew would spin the hoops and the children would have to catch them before they fell. The children were laughing away and crashing into the hoops as they spun back towards them. The skipping ropes were a tough challenge too and the children did well to be able to swing the ropes over their head and time their jumps to get over the rope. I would highly recommend everyone if possible to get a skipping rope for home because they are one of the best pieces of equipment for promoting physical fitness and developing gross motor skills. They are very versatile too, you could do limbo, high jump, normal skipping, do a sweeping rope that they have to jump over or anything else you could imagine.

As we came indoors we had lots of letter games and activities, the children all gathered so nicely to practice identifying and sounding out the letters “I, J, K, L, M and N”. I have been impressed with the children’s enthusiasm to learn the alphabet and how engaged they have been with these activities. We will definitely try do lots more of this in the future.

In the afternoon we might try and use some of the other equipment that arrived like tennis rackets and badminton rackets which I’m sure the children will enjoy.

Thank you for reading our blog today and see you again next week.

Mr Andrew

Some of the children measured their height today