Happy Friday everyone! We hope your day has been as great as ours today. Today we welcome Kaine who had his first day in the Kindergarten class. Everyone was very welcoming to him and he has settled in so naturally so well done Kaine!

In the morning we played with our Pre-Kindy and Senior Kindy friends in the playground. Friday’s always have a nice relaxing feel about them and the children reflected this in their play while they did drawing, building activities and some imaginary play in the outdoor kitchen.

As we came indoors we had a group time where we explored our calendar, sang some songs to help our number recognition and read a story called “a spectacular hat”. This was our inspiration for our next activity which was to build and decorate a paper hat. The children enjoyed challenging themselves by folding the paper and gluing the ends together. We also wrote our names on them and this has been a big focus recently and the children are doing so well at learning to write their names.

We then headed outside for some sport and movement games in the tree house. We practiced different locomotion skills, as well as some catching and throwing skills.

In the afternoon we plan to do some parachute games and other teamwork games. The children love being able to play their favourite games and challenge themselves both mentally and physically.

That’s all for today. Have a great weekend everyone!

Mr Andrew and Miss Lilly