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Hello everyone and welcome to our last spooky day here at Kindergarten before Halloween!

We have continued our themed celebrations with some more art and craft activities including decorating our own Halloween “candy”. This tested out lots of different skills like tracing, gluing with brushes and cutting with scissors and the end results were awesome and very colourful.

We did our usual routines such as morning tea and group time where the children helped change the calendar and figure out the mystery of King Shaggunkamen in the Scooby Doo book that Coen brought along. Reading is a great way to test problem solving skills and comprehension for the story and there were some excellent observations made.

Miss Jeni was in today for some an exciting dance lesson that had a scary Halloween theme to it. The children have grown in confidence so much since the beginning of the year with this class and they enjoy this class so much! Speaking about confidence the teachers have also been impressed at the children’s ability to let each other know how they are feeling and what is acceptable. This tied in to our topic today about the “Day for Daniel” where we talked about keeping safe and recognising when you might not feel safe and what we could do about it. We discussed things that make us feel safe or unsafe and then drew them on some paper and discussed solutions if something made us feel unsafe.

In the afternoon we had some free choice options and children enjoyed puzzles, the home corner kitchen making some “monster meals”, card games and board games like bingo or Yatzhee and also some quiet reading time. Afterwards we performed our graduation songs for the Senior Kindy class this time and the children absolutely loved being able to perform for their peers and it gave them a real boost!

We managed to sneak outside early for some nice shady play in the sandpit before the weather cooled down and we could explore the playground and some new equipment. Keep an ye out for this in the blogs in the future!

That’s all today and apologies for the late blog. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess